How It Works
Power in the Seal

Did you know that you could be throwing away as much as 40% of your groceries? Thanks to the vacuum power of NuWave Flavor-Lockers, you can help slow the growth of mold on your favorite foods by removing trapped oxygen. The handheld pump removes oxygen from Flavor-Lockers while the one way Air Release Valve ensures an airtight seal.

Lunch On The Go

No more spoiled leftovers or spilled lunches thanks to NuWave Flavor-Lockers! The lightweight, portable container is perfect for transporting your kids' school lunches, or even your own lunch. The handy divided container ensures that your leftovers will stay fresh until there aren't any left! Plus, the vacuum-seal lid ensures that there won't be any messy spills in your bag!

Marinate in Minutes

How many times have you forgotten to prepare your dinner, only to make a bland meal at the last minute? You'll never have to worry about that thanks Flavor-Lockers containers, which allow you to marinate your favorite meats and vegetables in a fraction of the time. Flavor-Lockers' vacuum process allows the meat's pores to open and absorb your favorite marinades much quicker.

Buy in Bulk & Save

Buying foods in bulk is a great way to save money, but only if it is consumed before spoiling! Thanks to Flavor-Lockers, you won't have to worry about soggy cereal, moldy fruit or spoiled meats. Now, when you come home from the grocery store, you can eat what you want right away, then store the extra foods in Flavor-Lockers, which lock in the freshness for days and provide an airtight seal that is ideal for the refrigerator or freezer.

Maximize Space

Transform your refrigerator from overcrowded to organized! Flavor-Lockers seal in the freshness of your favorite foods, extending their flavor and shelf life! By creating an airtight environment, Flavor-Lockers help keep mold out and keep freshness in, ensuring that your favorite foods will last even longer, until you're ready to enjoy!

Get Organized

From refrigerator to pantry, Flavor-Lockers can keep your foods fresh and organized at the same time. Turn your pantry from cluttered to clean! Flavor-Lockers' transparent design allows you to easily find exactly what you're looking for every time. They even stack for easy organization! Keep your pantry beautiful while keeping your flour and sugar dry and your cereal and chips crisp!

Aren't Just For Food!

Flavor-Lockers are so versatile, they can even be used in your everyday life, beyond the kitchen!

See Why Everyone Loves Flavor-Lockers

Leftovers Last Longer

Produce Stays Fresh & Flavorful

Keep Your Food Fresh On the Go

Bulk Shoppers Save Even More

The Perfect Travel Companion

Perfect for Long-Term Storage